Privacy Policy

Nicks Driving School - Privacy Policy 2019

Your Personal Details: 

Nicks Driving School and request personal details from all customers who wish to enquire about driving lessons or who purchase driving lessons in person or over the phone. The details we request are below:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Driving Licence Details
  • Payment Details

These details are held securely and no details are passed to any third parties, these details are only used by Nicks Driving School and

This information may be requested over the phone, email or by using the contact form found on our website.

Payment Details:

All card payments are completed using a secure chip and pin mobile terminal which has been provided by Payzone UK and all payments are processed by Barclay Card. The information we request for telephone payments are below.

  • Card Number 
  • Expiry Date
  • CVV Number 
  • Postcode / House Number

These detail are taken over the phone and procssed while the customer is on the line, your card recepit will be held securely and the customer copy will be given to you at the first or next lesson.

During the telephone sale no calls are recorded.

Your in car payment will be taken using our secure and held chip and pin machine. At the point of sale you will be asked to confirm your pin number into the reader and the customer will be given the customer copy of the recepit. 

Data Protection and GPDR: 

Nicks Driving School and comply fully with the Data Protection Act and ICO (Information Commissioners Office) to ensure any breach is report in the correct method. 

Nicks Driving School is registered with the ICO and our registration number is:  

Should Nicks Driving School and have to report any form of data breach we will notify our customers with all the information needed.

CCTV and Dash Cam Footage:

CCTV and Dash Cam Footage comply with regulation under the data protection act and also GPDR. These methods are used for employee and customer safety. 


All pupil records are kept securely and are destoryed  after they no longer needed, these are destroyed by shredder and no personal details are kept after this time. 

Social Media:

We use facebook and google to promote our business on social media.

Third Party Links:

Our website has links to youtube and the government website to allow easy access to training material and easy access to the website needed for driving under the UK laws set out by the UK government. These websites are not run by Nicks Driving School or

Our Contact: 

Should you wish to speak to anyone with regards to how we keep your data please contact Nicholas on 07852505496 or email