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This section of my website is designed to help you with any questions you may have about the driving test or the theory test. All the videos have been made by the DVSA and details are correct at time of posting. 

I've also included some downloads which include the "Show Me Tell Me" questions and answers. I've also included a copy of the terms and condition you sign on our first lesson.

Official DVSA Learning Zone

This video is the official learning zone for the DVSA, it's great if your looking to study for your Theory Test.

My not try the below link to purchase the official DVSA app.


Hazard Perception Test Video

This video gives you a guide on what you need to look for on the Hazard Perceptions Test which is taken during your Theory Test.

DVSA Theory test video

This video will explain the theory test which must be done before you can book your driving test. 

DVSA Driving Test Video

This video explains everything you need to know about your driving test with the DVSA. 

BAD Weather on the day of test

This video will explain what to do on the day off test if we have bad weather.

Show me questions

This video gives you all the details and answers for the show me questions you will be asked during the driving test.

Tell me questions

This video gives you all the details and answers for the tell me questions you will be ask during the driving test.